Guide for Publishing a New Journal

With Trend Research Publishing you can easily start your own journal. Scholars, institutions, conference organizers and scientific societies can all propose and launch new scientific journals.

A committed and experienced Editor-in-Chief is compulsory to lead the venture. Good project and content management skills are a basic requirement. The essentials for launching a journal is time and professional dedication.

Do you intend to start a new journal? If yes, then do let us know! Send us a proposal or complete the right form. We'll be back to you with their feedback within three working days.

Your proposal should include a motivational letter to start a new journal together with:

  • Your CV with a list of publications and editorial experience
  • Completed new journal proposal form (Click to download journal proposal form)

Proposals should be sent to at

If the proposal is accepted, the proposer along with the publisher will appoint Editor-in-Chief. As such, his or her first responsibility will be to obtain the commitment of the members of the Editorial Board. The Editor-in-Chief will take responsibility over the published content and will encourage submissions from the best and brightest authors in the field.

Journals’ Web Site

As soon as approvals have been received, a web site for a journal should be set up. Initially it serves an advertising role for the upcoming startup, later it is the access point for readers and authors. Trends Reseearch Publishing offers help with the graphical design of the homepage and we also update the information on the website including the publishing of the articles. The website should also contains information about aims and scope, copyright, open access, publication ethics and publication malpractice statement, instruction for authors.


A journal requires an Editor-in-Chief who takes ultimate responsibility for the journal. It is usually best to have a small number of Associate Editors (two or three) who assist with the overall operation of the journal. It is often best if the Editors are senior academics, well known internationally.

Editorial Committee and Administration

An editorial committee is required for a journal. Membership should reflect the full breadth of scientific field in terms of geographic location and subject areas. While administration can be located in one location or shared over several places, it is absolutely crucial that an administrative person (with around 25% of their time allocated to journal work, for a journal that has two or four issues per year) be part of the editorial team, to take care of the daily routine work.

Journal’s Scientific Area

A description of the scientific area covered by the journal is essential for attracting authors and readers. This text should be included on a journal’s home page.


For a journal to be considered scientific, the articles must undergo a scientific review, peer-review, ie. a collegial review of the articles. The review should be double blind, meaning that each article should be reviewed by at least two independent researchers in the journal's research area and that the articles should be anonymized so that the reviewers do not know the identity of the authors and vice versa.

Open Access

The journals, are all Open Access ie. freely available to anyone who has internet access. It is therefore important to clearly indicate on the journal website that the journals are published Open Access. We apply the Creative Commons licensing system that shows what is allowed and not allowed for the reader. LiU E-Press applies Creative Commons CC BY NC, which means attribution and non-commercial ie. Full reference must be given to the original publication and reuse may not be commercially available. On the journal's website there should also be clear information about open access.

Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement

On the journal's website there should be clear information about publishing ethics and how the journal prevents irregularities in connection with the publication. It may be information about eg plagiarism and what measures the journal takes for example plagiarism check of submitted manuscript.

First Issue

In preparation for the first issue, it is important to decide on the details of the format of publication (e.g. heading styles, font type and size, referencing system, table and figure formats, cover page graphics, web page layout and graphics, etc.). All of this information should be available through the journal’s web site. It is often advisable to have theme issues for the first couple of issues, with significant numbers of invited articles. This helps to ensure sufficient quantity and quality at the start of operation.

Editorial Support System

It is strongly recommended that a journal make use of an Editorial Support System - a web-based system which helps editors to keep track of articles from submission through to publication. Trends Research Publishing provides support for using Open Journal System on our own server.

Departmental Support

If the journal is university-based, it is important that there is support from the relevant department (support is most likely to be a small allocation of time towards the work, but it could be more if the journal is of significant importance to the department as a whole).

International Support

It is essential that the journal be of interest to and supported by the relevant international scientific community.


Trends Research Publishing helps you with applications of ISSN for the journal.

CrossRef and DOI Links

Membership in CrosRef means also that all articles are assigned a DOI (digital object identifier). A DOI provides a system that ensures a permanent link to an article (i.e. the www address for the article remains the same irrespective of changes to computer servers etc.). DOIs also play an important role in tracking citations.


On the journal's webpage we present statistics such as the number of citations (Information retrieved from Crossref) h-index, citation average and list of cited articles with the highest-cited article first.

If you want to launch a new journal, please complete this right form to apply. For any queries about the application, please contact us at

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(Please put Editors' information into the file to be uploaded. The Editors should better be from different countries of the world. And at least 10 Editors are needed. More could be invited later when the journal proposal accepted. Please provide the name, email address and affiliation of the Editors. Affiliation includes department, university and country, with no one file being larger than 10MB.)