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The dynamics of plant productivity under controlled conditions. Diversity or information exchange?

  • Vladimir K Mukhomorov Agrophysical Institute, St.-Petersburg, 195220, Russia


We result statistical analysis of experimental data on physical modeling of primary soil formation under long and continuous cultivation of plants on initially abiogenous mineral substrates (granite crushed stone, zeolite). The purpose of the experiment was to follow the dynamics of the evolutionary changes in the mineral substrate under condition long-term operation. We used the information approach to quantitative analyze of the relationship of primary soil formation process with the vital activity of plants (tomato, spring wheat) under controlled conditions. We analyzed the dynamics of the diversity of emerging organic matter in the mineral substrate and the biotic community. To quantify the diversity of multicomponent systems, we used information function. We have shown that the dynamics of plant productivity was statistically significant related to the parameter of information exchange between emerging organic matter and biotic community. It has been established that the increase in the total content of organic matter in the mineral substrate does not have a statistically significant correlation with the productivity of plants.


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December 30, 2014
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