From: Primary Malignant Cardiac Tumors (PMCTs) Successful Resection of a Huge Liposarcoma of the Heart

S Zeratiyan, M Mesbah, MA Yousefnia, N Jalilifar, AJ Khamooshi, D Pazook

Figure 2. from (Shanda H et al) The technique of cardiac autotransplantation. (A) Median sternotomy, cannulation for cardiopulmonary bypass. (B) Explantation of the heart. (C) Ex vivo resection of left atrial tumor, reconstruction of the posterior wall using bovine pericardium. (D) Ex vivo reconstruction of the posterior wall and pulmonary vein using the Gortex TM graft. (E) Ex vivo reconstruction of the anterior wall using bovine pericardium and mitral valve replacement using bioprosthesis. (F) Orthotopic implantation — left atrial suture line. (G) Caval suture lines. If either cava is too short — an interposition graft might be very useful (insert). (H) After completion of the great vessels anastomoses.