From: Traumatic Pulmonary Pneumatoceles (Pseudocyst)

M Haghighikian, S Zeratiyan, M Hosseini, MA Yousefnia, AR Negahi, N Nafissi, H Granhed, MP Nerlander, M Mesbah, A Amoujani, N Jalilifar, AJ Khamooshi, AR Ghavidel, D Pazooki

Figure 2. Penetrating injury. A: CT scan of a 29-year-old man who sustained a gunshot wound to the right shoulder and chest shows metallic fragments adjacent to a comminuted fracture of the right scapula (solid arrow) and comminuted right rib fractures (dashed arrow). B: CT scan with lung windowing shows multiple latencies within an area of consolidation in the right upper lobe (circle), indicating pulmonary lacerations. There is also subcutaneous emphysema. (Radiology key)