From: A Comparative Geophysical Study of the Sedimentary-Metamorphic Contacts in the Douala and Kribi-Campo Sub-Basins of Cameroon

Njingti Nfor, Owona Angue Marie Louise Clotilde, Kue Petou Rokis Malquaire, Manguelle-Dicoum Eliezer, Lando Tsakou Julyo Achille, Piameu Kwagag J?el

Figure 2. Structural Map showing the Douala and Kribi-Campo sub-basins of Cameroon (modified from 1. Archean and paleoproterozoic green rocks belts; 2. Archean charnockites and granitoïds; 3. Gneiss; 4. Granitic mobile zone; 5. Sedimentary basin; C. overlapping; D. Dolerites; F. Faults (SFZ: Sanaga Fault Zone; KFZ: Kribi Fault Zone; CFZ: Campo Fault Zone)